With over 35 years of aerospace systems engineering development & instruction under our belt, we have all the right tools to ensure your success and the success of your complex system engineering project.


Our Expertise & Offerings

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Coaching & Instruction

Model-Based Systems Engineering is the most recent, and effective, approach for developing complex, highly-integrated, and mission/safety critical systems. The CEO & Chief Architect here at SepheroTech has been at the leading edge of MBSE introduction into the systems engineering community. He also continues to teach a project-focused senior elective in MBSE as part of the Cal Poly, Pomona, Aerospace Engineering curriculum. While we use the Core and GENESYS MBSE tools provided by ViTech Corporation, our rich experience in SysML and non-SysML approaches can certainly help you improve your development efforts. This will lead to higher first-time quality, as well as increased amounts of re-use from one project to the next.

Aerospace Vehicle Flight Control Systems Analysis & Design

From aircraft that can take off and land automatically, to spacecraft that can rendezvous and dock with the International Space Station, aerospace flight control systems are some of the most complex, and safety critical, systems implemented in our technological society. SepheroTech has a strong background of experience developing both commercial and military flight control systems, from first principles, to detailed design, integration, flight test, and even through regulatory certification. Check out our "Experience" page to see the vehicles we have worked on. At least those we can talk about. :)

Learning to Apply Systems Theory For Navigating Life's Challenges

It is no secret that life seems to get more complicated, even as we add tools (like the internet, computers, and cell phones) that advertise to make life easier. With a foundation in both engineering and teaching, SepheroTech is putting together introductory lectures on how the common man can apply the concepts of Systems Theory and Systems Thinking to their lives. And don't worry, no advanced math is necessary! These courses are very fundamental, and are intended to help you assess and implement things in your life that are both holistic as well as simple. All this to make yourself more effective, put recurring problems in your life to rest, and help you grow and achieve your stated goals in life.